Salmon fishing in Varde Å

Every spring, a sea of anglers heads off to Varde Å when the season for salmon fishing begins.

The arrival of spring marks the beginning of salmon fishing in Varde Å. It is an event that brings hundreds of keen anglers from in and outside the country to the streams in the western part of Jutland. What the anglers all have in common is the dream of catching one of the silvery salmon that due to its size is able to put the fishing equipment to the test when it bites.
Previously, there has been a salmon population in nine of the larger rivers in Denmark but today Varde Å is one of only four streams where the original Danish salmon has been preserved and adapted to the local environment.  
Every year, a fishing quota for a certain amount of salmon is being issued. Within those boundaries it is permitted to bring home every salmon you catch. But when the quota is reached all salmon being caught must be released back into the water. This is necessary in order to ensure the survival of the salmon in Danish streams.

  • Salmon fishing in Varde Å is a major event for Danish anglers who come from all over the country to take part in it.
  • The salmon was listed as a protected species for a three year long period around the turn of the century but the population has been growing in the last couple of years.
  • Varde Å is one of only four streams in Denmark where the original Danish salmon still exists.